Animuc 2018 vom 6. bis 8. April 2018

The Animuc

Who are we? And what do we do?

The Animuc is a convention which is first and foremost aimed at fans of anime and manga, but also welcomes all other visitors. Since 2009 it takes place annually on the grounds of the Veranstaltungsform Fürstenfeld, a former monastery in the south of Bavaria, Germany, and is voluntarily organized by Animexx e. V.. While two stages provide a rich variety of show acts, the Animuc also offers numerous other highlights including workshops, panels and competitions. A dealers’ room as well as an artists’ alley and exhibition area gives visitors the opportunity to obtain original drawings by German artists on top of the latest anime, manga and merchandise. Also trading card games, the games room and karaoke are quite popular activities. Since 2013 a cosplay ball is held regularly during which guests can hit the dance floor in a festive wardrobe.

For visitors unrelated to anime and manga the many cosplayers on the event grounds are certainly an eye-catcher. The creative hobby has become a main focus of Animuc – it is the first convention in Germany which has invited famous cosplayers from around the world in addition to show acts as guests of honor.

in 2018

What is special about this year?

From aerodrome over mafia and orient up to flea market – we had them all. 9 different themes in 9 years.

We celebrate our anniversary with a colorful tour through the history of the Animuc.
Let us turn back time. Let us go on a journey through time. Let us rediscover the long-known. Who knows what is there to be discover. Can you find everything?

This year it is all about: time travel.
Creativity, melancholy and much more is needed!

Everyone who wants to accompany us on our journey should gather at the “Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeldbruck” from 6th to 8th April 2018!

The Team

By fans for fans.
Orga und Bereichsleiter der Animuc 2017

Without the numerous volunteers who act as the backbone of the organizing team the Animuc would not be possible. We would like to say a sincere thank you to all of them for the many years of fruitful cooperation and hope that they will continue to enjoy coordinating and organizing more Animucs to come!